Our Lingual Braces Results


Our lingual (hidden) braces are top ranking in the industry and provide successful results in straightening your smile. By placing the braces behind your teeth, the results are highlighted while your braces are hidden. One of the best things about our job is creating confident, beautiful smiles. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic makeover, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION to learn more!

Use the sliders below to reveal some smile transformations. All photos are of actual patients treated at Bankhead Orthodontics. Yes, Everyone!


This adult patient’s initial concerns were her crowded teeth and she did not like her smile. She was treated with Lingual Braces and now has a beautiful smile. AND the best part is that almost no one knew she had braces because they were hidden on the back of her teeth!


This 24 year old male did not like the appearance of his front teeth and wanted a cosmetic alternative to metal braces to straighten his teeth. Lingual Braces (also referred to as “Hidden Braces”) were placed on the tongue side of his teeth and were used to align his teeth and give him a fantastic-looking smile!


This teenage patient wanted to straighten her teeth and improve her bite without having the traditional braces appearance. Lingual braces were a great option for straightening her teeth and were compatible with her lifestyle. She was thrilled with the results (and we were too!!)


This female patient had concerns with her crowded lower teeth. The best part about lingual braces (also referred to as “Hidden Braces”) is that they go on the back of your teeth so no one knows you’re wearing them.  Lingual Braces are a great option for adult patients who want to straighten their teeth and hide their appliances.


This adult patient disliked her deep bite and crowded lower teeth. Lingual Braces were used to correct her crowding and create a beautiful, broad smile.  Her deep bite corrected nicely and her teeth are now aligned.


This patient wanted to improve the alignment of her front teeth and requested Lingual Braces. While she would have been a great candidate for traditional metal braces or Invisalign, the patient preferred Lingual Braces for cosmetic and compliance reasons.  Lingual Braces are our most cosmetic and advanced option for straightening teeth and creating amazing smiles.

Experts in the ART of Orthodontics


Experts in the ART of Orthodontics

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