Our Early Treatment Results


Early treatment and dental care at a young age is key for maintaining healthy smiles. One of the best things about our job is creating confident, beautiful smiles. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic makeover, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION to learn more!

Use the sliders below to reveal some smile transformations. All photos are of actual patients treated at Bankhead Orthodontics. Yes, Everyone!


This 8-year-old presented to our office with an open bite caused from thumb sucking. Both the parents and patient had concerns with his teeth. Braces were used to help stop the thumb-sucking habit, correct the open bite, and create an amazing smile!


This 9-year-old patient loves to smile but didn’t like the large space between her front teeth (called a diastema).  A quick round of early braces did a great job of closing up the diastema, aligning the teeth, and creating enough space for the rest of her adult teeth to erupt!


This 7-year-old corrected with a posterior crossbite. Posterior crossbites occur when the top jaw is too narrow, causing the upper teeth to be trapped inside of the lower teeth. An expander and braces were used to correct the crossbite and create a healthy and functional bite!


This 7-year-old patient came in to our office with severe crowding. Phase 1 braces were recommended to create room for her adult teeth to erupt. Treatment was very quick and efficient, and the patient couldn’t be happier!

Experts in the ART of Orthodontics


Experts in the ART of Orthodontics

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