What is a Deep Bite and How Can Orthodontics Help?

During an orthodontic consultation, your orthodontist will examine all aspects of your teeth, including how your upper and lower teeth fit together.  Under ideal circumstances, the upper front teeth should slightly overlap the lower teeth, but we often see excessive overlapping of the front teeth with the lowers. This relatively common finding is called increased overbite or simply a deep bite. While it may not be something that bothers you by itself, our Experts in the Art of Orthodontics know that a deep bite can cause extra tooth wear, and is usually tied to crowding in the lower arch or spacing in the upper arch.  When you come in, we’ll discuss a treatment plan to fix the issue so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and strong, healthy teeth.

What causes a deep bite?

Patients can develop this condition for several reasons including:

  • A small or short lower jaw, causing the upper teeth to grow down and the lower teeth to move upward.
  • Missing back teeth.
  • Strong biting muscles that can deepen a bite. This is common in patients who clench their teeth.

What are some issues that a deep bite can cause?

After some time, the lower teeth will hit the back of the upper teeth or sometimes even the roof of the mouth.  This can cause issues such as:

  • Severe crowding and alignment problems because the lower teeth are trapped by the upper teeth.
  • Spacing of the upper teeth.
  • Traumatic forces applied during biting.
  • Wearing of the teeth as they scrape against each other.
  • Painful sores in the roof of the mouth which make eating uncomfortable.

How can an orthodontist correct a deep bite?

Using an appliance that is best for your individual case, a trained orthodontic specialist can adjust the vertical positions of your teeth for maximum esthetics and functional harmony.

Have more questions about the best treatment for your bite problem? Just ask!

At Bankhead, we like to do everything we can to help our patients understand their treatment options. Our Experts in the Art of Orthodontics would be happy to address any concerns you have about your condition and explain in detail which treatment will deliver the best results. Just give us a call!


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