Are Retainers Really Necessary?

Whether you’ve been wearing braces or clear aligners, you’re probably super excited if you’re nearing the end of orthodontic treatment. Shortly, you will have a gorgeous smile that will make all your friends jealous! The next step in your treatment is necessary if you want to preserve your beautiful new smile – wearing a retainer!

Why do I have to wear a retainer?

Your braces or aligners have been working hard to shift your teeth into the proper position. Now you’ve got an amazing smile and we want you to keep it! Your teeth look great now, but without a retainer, they will naturally shift back to where they were before you began orthodontics. We will fit you for a custom retainer at the end of your treatment and if you wear it as you should, your teeth will stay straight for years to come.

What type of retainer will I need?

Our team will decide whether you will benefit most from a removable retainer, a permanent retainer, or both. A plastic, removable retainer will need to stay in every night and throughout the day except while eating – for at least several months after treatment. After that it will only need to be worn at night. A permanent version will be bonded on the back of the teeth and can only be removed by an orthodontist. Permanent retainers are often used even after braces to help gums and bone tissue to align with a corrected bite.

Are there other benefits to wearing a retainer?

Besides keeping teeth straight, wearing a retainer can have multiple advantages. Keeping a correct bite in place allows for more thorough chewing, can prevent gaps from forming where food and decay can settle in, and can even help with speech and breathing issues caused by a misalignment.

If You Have More Questions About Wearing a Retainer, Just Ask!

Our Experts in the Art of Orthodontics approach each patient with a different, customized treatment plan. We want nothing more than for everyone who comes into our office to enjoy incredible results for life, which is why we always recommend wearing retainers. Just ask any of our orthodontists the questions you have about wearing a retainer, and we’ll be sure to give you all the details you need.

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