5 Great Tips for Heading Back to School with Braces

If your child started braces over the summer, he or she may be a little anxious about beginning a new school year. Not only do braces change a student’s appearance, but they also require incorporating a change into their daily routine. Here at Bankhead, our Experts in the Art of Orthodontics want to minimize your child’s stress levels by giving some tips to make the school year easier.

Show Some School Spirit

Encourage your child to show their braces off with fun colors that exude school pride. From blue and white to black and gold and everything in between, our staff loves to help students feel like the coolest kids in class. They can change the colors each visit, and some of our patients like to coordinate with the holidays, too!

Help Them Feel Prepared with a Braces Care Kit

Kids with braces need to brush after eating and may also experience dry lips and irritated gums. Send a kit to school with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, dental wax and lip balm so your son or daughter can easily carry it to the bathroom throughout the day.

Pack Braces-Friendly Lunches

There’s a good chance that something in the cafeteria or vending machines will be chewy, sticky or crunchy – all of which should be avoided with braces. Since it takes a while for kids to know what is and isn’t safe to eat, send foods to school that your child won’t have to wonder about. It helps to cut sandwiches into bit-sized triangles so the bread doesn’t get stuck in front brackets (which will keep your child from being self-conscious after lunch), and squeezable fruit pouches and yogurt are soft, healthy choices. If you don’t have time to pack lunches, make sure to go over the school menu and point out to your child which options are best.

Buy a Cool Locker Mirror

That bread we mentioned that might get stuck in brackets? Make sure your child sees it before someone else does. While shopping for school supplies, let him or her pick out a locker mirror to check for food discretely after eating lunch. We encourage our patients to brush during the day, preferably after lunch, and it is nice to know what you are dealing with before you go in.

Protect Them During P.E.

Playing dodge ball, basketball, and other popular P.E. activities increases the likeliness of a mouth injury. Consider purchasing an orthodontic mouth guard that your child can wear for protection.

Protect Retainers with a Case

If you child will be wearing retainers to school, please remind him or her that the retainer only goes in the case or in the mouth. Many a retainer has found its way into the garbage because it was wrapped in a napkin and a well-intentioned friend or faculty member has tossed it into the trash. If you need a new case (or want a spare one), drop by the office and we’ll give you one for free.

Have Questions About Starting School with Braces? Just Ask!

We see students every day who are new to wearing braces to school. If your child is one of them, he or she can expect to find many of their classmates are in treatment as well. As Experts in the Art of Orthodontics, we love offering support and knowledge to our young patients and their parents so they can enjoy the school year to the fullest. Just call our office and we’d be happy to discuss whatever your concerns may be!

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