Can Adults Get Braces Too?

Let’s face it: There are some things grownups just can’t do. Fortunately, attaining a perfect set of pearly whites isn’t one of them. Wearing braces as an adult is absolutely possible and offers multiple advantages, so if you’ve been hesitating to ask about braces, come see the experts in the art of orthodontics!

The Advantages of Braces for Adults

About a million adults in North America wear braces, and at Bankhead, we see grownups every day in each of our offices! Adult patients come to us for a number of reasons including:

  • Cosmetic improvement. As a kid, permanent teeth may have emerged crooked, crowded, or with noticeable gaps between them. Adult braces can fix those problems to create a wonderful smile.
  • Addressing jaw problems. Overbites, underbites, and jaw joint disorders that were never addressed as a child could be causing gum disease, headaches, earaches, chewing problems, and even speech problems. Braces along with other orthodontic appliances can help re-align the jaw to improve these issues.
  • Relapsed teeth. Even if adults wore braces when they were younger, teeth may have shifted if retainers weren’t worn regularly, or wisdom teeth may have emerged after treatment, causing crowding. Wearing braces now means pulling those teeth back into position.

How Wearing Braces is Different When You’re Older
Since most people stop growing after the age of 18, orthodontic treatment is not always the same as it is for kids. Some teeth may need to be extracted in order to make more room in the mouth, and teeth may take longer to shift (adult braces are usually worn for 18 months to 3 years). But the nice thing is that adults are more responsible than kids, meaning they’re more likely to practice good oral hygiene, avoid foods that can get stuck in brackets, and actually wear retainers once braces are removed. Best of all, the most recent advancements in orthodontic treatments have led to more comfortable, less noticeable braces so adults don’t feel self-conscious wearing them. In fact, some braces are totally invisible!

Thinking About Changing Your Smile? Don’t Hesitate to Call Us!
As experts in the art of orthodontics, Bankhead approaches each patient’s case individually. Using the most innovate tools in the industry, we will develop a treatments plan to improve your appearance, address concerns you have with headaches or jaw pain, or address any other issues you may be dealing with. You’re never too old for braces, so contact us today to work with our specialists!

If you need braces to enjoy these important health benefits, work with the experts at Bankhead Orthodontic Specialists. Serving the St. Louis, MO, Metro area as well as southeastern Illinois via six convenient locations, these trained specialists offer traditional, lingual and clear braces as well as Invisalign® to provide patients with highly customized solutions. Call (636) 978-8848 today to schedule a consultation, and visit the website for more information about braces.

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