Considering Braces? The five benefits of straight teeth!

Straight teeth provide you with more than a beautiful smile and a boost in confidence. They also make a huge contribution to your oral health, so your grin as is healthy as it is pleasing. If you are considering braces, our experts in the art of orthodontics would like for you to take a minute to learn about the health benefits of straight teeth.

5 Reasons Straight Teeth Are Important to Dental Health

1. Reduces Risk of Tooth Decay
Misaligned teeth make it harder to brush and floss. Overlapping teeth and tight spaces provide perfect environments for bacteria to flourish, increasing the risk of cavities. Straightening your teeth with braces reduces your risk of tooth decay because you can clean and floss easily.

2. Avoids Abnormal Wear
Misalignment can cause bottom and top teeth to rub excessively against each other, resulting in abnormal and premature wear. Tooth enamel cannot be replaced, and when it wears down enough, it exposes dentin – the second tooth layer – which increases sensitivity. Some types of misalignment can also make eating difficult as well.

3. Decreases Injury Risk
Protruding teeth are more likely to chip and break during other accidents, such as a vehicular collision or a fall.

4. Helps Prevent Gingivitis & Gum Disease
Straighter teeth can help protect your mouth from gingivitis and gum disease. Bacteria in tight crevices and overlapping teeth will affect the health of the gums. Hard-to-clean areas result in plaque and eventually tartar formation under the gumline. Without professional cleaning, the tartar causes inflammation in the gum tissue and can result in recession and bone loss around the teeth.

5. Reduces Risk of Other Health Complications
The mouth is an indicator of overall health. If your mouth is unhealthy from gum disease, for example, you may increase your risk of serious inflammatory health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you need braces to enjoy these important health benefits, work with Bankhead Orthodontic Specialists, the experts in the art of orthodontics. Serving the St. Louis, MO, Metro area as well as southeastern Illinois via six convenient locations, these trained specialists offer traditional, lingual and clear braces as well as Invisalign® to provide patients with highly customized solutions. Call (636) 978-8848 today to schedule a consultation, and visit the website for more information about braces.

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